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Updated on Aug 10, 2019. Posted on Jan 19, 2019

12 People Who Posted On Social Media Without Giving A Single F

Featuring savage moms.

1. This band posted this bonkers status:

This is my favorite band break-up notice ever.

2. This woman posted this about her sugar daddy:

i’ve had a couple of days to think about it and i’ve decided: this is my favourite ever instagram post

3. This girlfriend changed her captions to shade her boyfriend's ex:

I followed my ex’s new girl on IG to peep what she look like & this bitch changed the caption on one of her pictures to “Hi Kelsie” LMAOOOOOO I’m crine

4. This girl promoted her own shady tweet:

imagine being so mad at your man you promote this tweet

5. This grandma took it to level 100 on Facebook:

6. This may not count as social media, but these messages from Jesus on Tinder are amazing:

7. This woman wanted to be the only Maureen Johnson:

8. This mom definitely wanted to make this woman feel guilty:

9. This person tweeted a pic of Lil Wayne mid-sexting:

10. This dad proudly tweeted this picture of his son hanging on the Wall of Shame at the liquor store:

That Proud Dad Moment when you go to the Liquor Store and Find Your Sons Confiscated Fake ID Displayed on the Wall of Shame

11. This mom left this savage comment:

12. And last but not least, this girl shared this story of her mm discovering she has her nipples pierced:

My mom found out I got my nipples pierced today

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