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    11 Fails From This Week That'll Make You Say "OMG...NO"

    OMG, a messy week...

    1. This concealer fail:

    Footage of me drunk af last night applying concealer to my lips thinking it was lip gloss I love myself

    2. This date-night fail:

    3. This customer fail:

    4. And this interviewer's fail:

    5. This dad's Facebook fail:

    My Dad accidentally put this on his Facebook story I’m dead asf! 😭💀

    6. This Grindr fail:

    please delete this feature @Grindr

    7. This J. Lo concert fail:

    #blackout #nyc @jlo concert at MSG

    8. This wrong text fail:

    i accidentally texted my mom that i had to pick up blow and i wanna throw myself off a bridge

    9. This father-daughter text fail:

    10. This AirPod fail:

    The AirPod fell out of my ear several feet away from the edge of the subway platform, but I’ve never seen anything more inevitable. RIP little buddy. Thanks for all the podcasts.

    11. And lastly, THIS job failure, OMG:

    My cousin works @ Stanford hospital. She said some dude got fired bc he left a dead body unattended. Bruh didn’t wanna go in the elevator w the dead body. So he put the body in the elevator & ran down the stairs HAHAHA