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9 Signs Your Marriage To That Box Of Live Bees Might Be Falling Apart

It can be hard to admit when the love of a marriage has disappeared. Here are 9 signs that maybe what was, is no more.

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You Never Talk Anymore


There was a time when the two of you would never shut up, friends and family could hardly get a word in, but now it feels like a struggle to even initiate conversations. How many times can two people who are supposed to be in love talk about the weather?

There Are More Bad Times Than Good Ones


Sure, the two of you have always fought. What couple hasn't? But now the fights last longer, they are more intense and they leave you feeling exhausted. Wasn't there a time when the good parts lasted? Where did that time go?

You Both Feel Completely Alone


You share everything. A home, a bed, a bathroom. Even the Hulu Plus account is in both of your names. So why is it that every moment together you still feel completely and entirely alone? Neither of you are X-Men, but you both still feel invisible.

You Aren't You Anymore


Your parents lied when they said ghosts don't exist. You see your former self everywhere you look. You screamed the other day when you saw a stranger in the mirror. Except it wasn't a stranger. It was you.


You Can't Stop Thinking About How It "Used" To Be


What happened to the late nights where you would take turns convincing each other to stay out for one more drink? What happened to the long walks, where you had no destination and no time limit, where you just walked to feel the Earth beneath your feet? When did these moments disappear?

The Sex Is Almost Non-Existent


Touch feels cold. Wasn't there a time when your bodies used to practically start on fire just being in the same room together. Sneaking away at friend's weddings to do to each other the kinds of things they talk about in sex magazines. Now you can set your watch to the time each week you both sleep walk through intercourse.

You Dreamt About What The Last Fight Will Be Like


You woke up from what should have been a nightmare. The last fight. The one that finally crushes the little love and support the two of you have left for each other. Broken plates. Screaming. Comforting each other while you both cried. But, if this was a nightmare, why did you wake up feeling more refreshed than you have in years?

You Constantly Think About What You'll Do After This Is Over


You find yourself day dreaming at work about all the things you've been putting off because you've been too busy with this relationship. You'll golf again. Take motorcycle lessons. You'll finally finish the translations of your grandfather's German journals. You'll get back to feeling alive.

You Cheated With Her Sister


You never thought yourself capable, but it came so easily. Now, you walk around wondering if the truth will ever come to light. You've left clues all over, just because you want to be found out.

"I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn't even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn't even matter"
- Linkin Park

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