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15 Super Dumb Things Even Smart People Sometimes Do

No one is perfect. Sometimes even a genius head can be a real idiot box. Here are some real dumb things even smarty pants sometimes do.

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1. Get Sick

2. Have A Little Something In Their Teeth

3. Trip and Fall Down

4. Have Allergies

5. Eat Way Too Much

6. Ruin Perfectly Good Shirts

7. Sometimes Forget To Grab Cash

8. Get Nervous Before Something Important

9. Be Sad

10. Have A Hard Time With Commitment

11. Focus Too Much On The Past

12. Be Too Afraid To Say I Love You

13. Never Challenge Themselves To Reach Their Full Potential

14. Fail To See That What They Were Looking For Their Whole Life Was Always Just Right Before Their Eyes

15. Make Farts

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