13 Packing Peanuts That Look Like Famous Celebrities

I think these packing peanuts look like celebrities.

“You talking to me?” I don’t know, am I…ROBERT DENIRO?!?

You look absolutely stunning…MARISA TOMEI?!?

Care for a glass of milk…KENNY CHESNEY?!?

Having fun bringing sexy back…JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE?!?

Any chance I could steal a dance…JENNIFER GREY?!?

Looks like someone sure knows how to party…MILEY CYRUS?!?

Whoa, I didn’t mean to offend you…KANYE WEST?!?

Come around here often…PRINCE HARRY?!?

Sure, I’ll go long…DAUNTE CULPEPPER?!?

Look who I found…EDWARD SNOWDEN?!?

Mind if I join the family…TY BURRELL?!?

Sure you can sleep on my couch…PAUL ALLEN?!?

Nope, just crazy in love with you…SCARLETT JOHANSSON?!?

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