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11 Teenager Trends That I Think Might Be Sticking Around For A While

Kids these days. In 2015, we’ve already seen some crazy and absolutely mind-blowingly insane teenage fads, so I put together a list of the few I think might be sticking around a while.

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Having Best Friends

Being Painfully Awkward

Learning From Shared Experiences

Striving For The Unclear Idea of Popularity

Suffering Through Strained Relationships With Parents

Viewing Most Adults In Their Lives As “Too Removed From Their Own Teenage Experiences” To Ever Possibly “Understand What I’m Going Through”

Struggling to Come To Terms With The Changes Happening to Their Bodies

Knowing Being An Adult Will Be Vastly Different And Way Cooler Than Being A Kid

Wondering When Life Will Stop Being So Cruel After Having a Beloved Pet/Sibling Die

Thinking There Might Just Be A Big World Outside Of The Small Town They’ve Spent Most Of Their Lives Residing In

Relegating Vast Majority of Sexual Experiences to “Hand Stuff”

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