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    You Need To See This Unintentionally Hilarious Blog MTV Made

    MTV has set up a tumblr about "Millennials" and it is so embarrassing that it might kill you.

    This is the @MTVinsights tumblr.

    About the site:

    MTVInsights is "radically audience intimate" with Millennials! We'll help you see the world through their eyes - where everything is open-sourced, hierarchy is crumbling and being smart+funny+creative = the new cool.

    They include a glossary of cool millennial phrases:

    They have infographics explaining the "types" of millennials out there:

    Pictures of millennials going to cool "EDM concerts."

    Millennials hunger to be a part of never seen before or again experiences… almost an antidote to a world that’s become so manufactured and where everyone has access to the same pieces of digital content. This was the very first time Sensation had travelled to the US, and young people wanted to be physically present at this once-in-a-lifetime event, which they could Tweet, FB and Instagram for friends who couldn’t make it (just check out the thousands of Instagram photos of Sensation Innerspace, many here)

    They advertise cool MTV programming like "Underemployed."

    With “Underemployed”, MTV pays tribute to a generation that continues to persevere — and will undoubtedly succeed in changing the working world for the better. “Underemployed” premieres Tuesday October 16, 2012 at 10pm on MTV.

    Here's a picture from their post about "alt kids."

    This is called "50 Shades Of Nerd."

    This is a map of a Millennial high schooler's lunch room.

    Here's a cool breakdown of what kind of tattoos Millennials get:

    And lastly, here's a whole paragraph someone wrote explaining what YOLO means: