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There's Apparently Going To Be A Reality Show Where Naked Pregnant Women Give Birth In The Woods

OK, sure. Also, fair warning, this post contains graphic images.

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The Lifetime Network announced Wednesday that it'll be airing a reality show based on this viral video of a woman's natural birth in the woods.

The Lifetime show, titled Born in the Wild, will follow mothers giving birth in the woods, unassisted by doctors.

The viral video Lifetime has based its series on was uploaded in 2013 and has racked up 20 million views since then.

But as Entertainment Weekly points out, home births can be dangerous, especially for first-time mothers. As WebMD writes:

Grunebaum said home deliveries are on the rise for a variety of reasons. "There's a lot of hype around it," he said. "Women want [fewer] interventions, and they want more homelike settings. Some women feel they don't get this in the hospital."

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of home births increased 29 percent from 2004 to 2009. This increase was mostly among white women, and about one of every 90 births to white women are now home births.

Grunebaum said women should know the risks before deciding to give birth at home.

"This isn’t Naked and Afraid and we’re dropping people in the woods and saying ‘go have the baby,’" Eli Lehrer, Lifetime’s senior vice president, said. "I truly don’t think this is something people would enter into lightly."

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