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Where Will You Be When The Acid Kicks In?

"Try it," they said. "It'll be fun," they said.

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Maybe you're just having a quiet afternoon at a music festival.

Or trying to focus in potions class.

Maybe you're watching wrestling...

Or just chilling with you cat.

Maybe you're watching your favorite movie.

And things start feeling a little off.

And you might have thought it was a dud.

You're trying to keep things calm, your friend's telling a joke and then...

Sooner or later, though, it's gonna kick in.

And things are gonna get real, man.

Really real.

Now, remember, having a drug experience isn't for everyone...

It could be exciting and wonderful...

Maybe you're hanging out in your living room and everything just gets real silly, real fast.


Things could get pretty...


You're eating a sandwich, hanging out, trying to keep it chill and then...


You look at your friends and they're like...

So remember, if you find yourself under the influence of anything "funny"...

Just hang tight and ride it out, man.

If you can.

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