What Is Your Song Of The Summer?

What song are you jamming out to the hardest right now? New or old!

1. I think it’s clear this song is an essential summer jam, add yours in the comments!

2. …speaking of doing awesome summer stuff, we have a meet-up tonight you should all come to!

School’s finally out and it’s time to celebrate… or school isn’t out for you and you have to work every day for the rest of your life and that’s a total drag. Either way, mark the occasion by hanging out with BuzzFeed staff and other BuzzFeed users, grab drinks, and maybe even eat awesome barbecue if you want!

We have a private space at Eight Mile Creek on Mulberry St in Manhattan from 7pm-10pm Friday, June 1st. There’s a happy hour there from 6pm-9pm, and happy hours are great.

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