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Everything You Need To Know About McDonald's New Chocolate-Covered French Fries

SPOILER ALERT: It didn't go well.

McDonald's Japan released chocolate-covered french fries this week, and we got our hands on them.

First surprise: They don't come drizzled in chocolate! You have to do it yourself.

Here is what these bad boys look like all covered in sauce. I'm not totally clear what the white sauce was. It was sort of like a white chocolate icing-type thing, I guess.

It was super confusing to get it on there, though.

You gotta, like, press both at the same time, sort of.

Alright. Now we're talking.

So, how does it taste?

I actually loved it, but I'm American. Americans are universally considered some of the worst eaters on the planet.

And so, because journalism is all about truth-seeking, I asked three members of BuzzFeed Japan to try the Chocolate McFry Potato.

First up, Daichi. What do you think about the chocolate french fries, Daichi?!

"Bad. Very bad."

OK, so that is just one guy's opinion. Ryo, what about you?


Wow, two for two so far. OK, what about Yui?

Maybe, it's just a super acquired tas—

... Nope, she hated it too.

Well, whatever, fuck yeah, America. I ate a whole box of them myself.