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    Watch The Amazing Reaction When A Family Finds Out Their Son Lost 130 Pounds Since They Last Saw Him

    "Hey, buddy, how are you — oh my god!"

    About a month ago, Reddit user Duncanconstruction posted this photo of himself from 2012...

    ...and this current photo of himself.

    He also said that his mom and stepdad hadn't seen how much weight he'd lost yet. So when he went home for the holidays he made sure he grabbed a video of their totally shocked reactions:

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    And when he made the big reveal, they freaked out in the best way.

    Sure, I looked up my TDEE on google and found that I had to eat less than 3500 or so calories per day to lose weight. At first I decided I'd just stick to around 2000 per day, but after a few days I realized that I wasn't as hungry as I thought I would be so I just lowered it until I got to 1350. Keep in mind though that I didn't do any sort of cardio or exercise so that's why the number is super low.As for figuring out the calorie content, I measured everything (invest in a food scale, it helps a LOT) and just used the nutritional information on the packages, or I would just use google for stuff. I cooked everything myself, which made it a lot easier.

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