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    Watch As This Soldier Surprises His Daughter In School For Valentine's Day

    Full disclosure, I cried while putting this post together.

    From the YouTube description:

    "I got home from Afghanistan on February 3rd, 2013. I had not planned on seeing my daughter until the end of March for her Spring Break."

    "She lives with her mother in Alabama. So, I managed to take off after my reintegration was complete and on February 15th, I made a surprise visit to see my daughter."

    "It was perfect as my daughter was facing the other direction when I entered the room. I simply walked up behind her and touched her shoulders and whispered, 'I bet you weren't planning to see me today.'"

    "Thats when she turned to me and screamed 'daddy' and broke down in tears."

    Watch the whole, heartwarming and wonderful video:

    View this video on YouTube

    (h/t imgur)

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