Indiana Dude Makes Super Racist Video Called "Why I'd Hate To Be Asian"

    One of his major complaints is that all Asian people look alike.

    Here's the video:

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    From the YouTube description:

    I had to disable comments due to safety concerns... PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION

    The guy in the video is not me - Why I'd Hate To Be Asian. (Totally Not Racist) is what he titled his video. He made the video public on Facebook and decided to belittle anyone who opposed his video with elementary school-like comments. He and his friends spammed my Facebook and called me a "raging faggot" and said he would "dismantle me socially" for standing up against him. He even sent me a message thanking me for posting this video. He said "I was going to post it myself".

    I do not know him, but many friends of mine are very offended by this, so I decided to let the world know what he thinks. This video is not mine, but I felt it necessary for everyone to see. I enjoy sarcasm and joking around, but this does not cross many as a joke. Some people may cry freedom of speech or "its not a big deal" but I have been taught otherwise. Since I was raised this way I urge you to NOT CONTACT HIM. It is embarrassing enough for him now, there is no reason to riddle him with threats. Do not call him, do not Facebook him, do not look up his address as many of you had done (which is why I disabled comments).

    After the video starting getting attention, Sam Hendrickson, the guy in the video, took to Twitter to apologize... sort of...

    Also, he's an aspiring rapper.

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    UPDATE: Sam Hendrickson is reported to attend the University of Southern Indiana. An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Hendrickson attended UCLA.