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    This Video Of A Woman Being Lit On Fire Posing For A Selfie Proves Vertical Videos Are Dangerous

    Vertical video: It's not just annoying, it's DANGEROUS!

    This video was uploaded by London-based hip hop group B-Minus. In the video, a bunch of people are trying to pose for a selfie at a pub.

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    The guy holding the camera holds it VERTICALLY and people starting trying to squeeze into the frame.

    One of the poor souls trying to squeeze into the vertical video selfie is this woman, who unknowingly leans into a candle.

    Just look at what your vertical video has done to this woman's head. It is on fire because of your inability to turn your wrist.

    And everyone else at the table is like "whoops, that woman's head just lit on fire in this pub."

    This has been a public service announcement.

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