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This Mom And Her Two Daughters Have An Adorable Blog Recreating Scenes From Best Picture Nominees

Hey, if you're going to play dress-up, why not do it with Oscar nominated films.

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Sophia, 3, and her sister Sadie, 2, have a pretty high-level dress-up game.

This is Sadie doing an excellent Leo face.

They've been working on a blog with their mom, Maggie, that's been going for three years now.

Maggie told BuzzFeed the photos take about a minute to make and each one is a fun learning process.

"Sophia is three years old, so we're talking a lot about emotions," Maggie said. "What could be a better education than studying the best performances of the year?"

She said now when Sophia gets frustrated, she throws her hands in the air and shouts "Nebraska!"

Most of the films the two girls are reenacting are obviously not for kids.

Sophia did see one Oscar nominated film, though: Frozen, and her mom says she was blown away.

The girls aren't doing your typical princess dress-up and Maggie said it's actually made Sophia want to wear a spacesuit all the time.

The ones from last year are definitely worth checking out too!

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