This Is What Happens When You Try To Text Someone The "20 Letters In The Alphabet" Pick-Up Line

It’s probably not going to work like you want it to…

1. Have you ever heard of the “20 Letters In The Alphabet” pick-up line? It’s SUPPOSED to work like this:

2. Smooth. Buuuut if you try in real life…

3. It doesn’t really work…

Morgan Rice


Mychaela thinks there’s only 20 letters in the alphabet….lol ok @mychaelanelson

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4. That well…

Magda Soulchild


So I used that 20 letters in the alphabet pick up line lmao would probably work better if I was a dude

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5. And people might just think you’re an idiot…



He asked me if there were 20 letters in the alphabet.

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6. Or they’ve seen it before.

11. This has been a Public Service Announcement.

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