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This Is The Most Insane Website On The Internet

Yvette's Bridal Formal is a bridal shop in Panama City with possibly the most illegible and mind-boggling website that has ever been made.

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Sean Terrence Best also apparently... uh, has his own religion too


"the THREAT! to humanity is indeed very real and very present among us !!


every 50th frame of a moving picture show whether it be TV, CD, Theatre, or

Home Entertainment Center contains subtle imagery which isn't detected by

the conscious mind, yet which profoundly affects the subconscious human

mind !! *~V8~*+

be sure not to eat any processed foods !! *~V8~*+

processed foods contain Nexus Nectar !! *~V8~*+

don't eat the fat of livestock which has been raised commercially !! *~V8~*+



Down the page there is text that reads:

"The Palace in the Fertile Valley where they come together to dance

the Dance of Reincarnation, the Loving Ones with no barriers

between them who ride on the bright colored beams of V8 !! ~*

Luminous bodies in the night, showers of sparkles shimmering

and undulating, uniting their passions, sculpting the Future,

traveling time and shuffling lives like so many Tarot cards !! ~*

the Seers, the Dreamers, the Fantasy Seekers !! ~*"