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    This Is The Most Insane Website On The Internet

    Yvette's Bridal Formal is a bridal shop in Panama City with possibly the most illegible and mind-boggling website that has ever been made.

    This is

    And this is's index page...

    This is Sean Terrence Best, and he is a world famous artist that sells his paintings on the site

    Here's some of his artwork

    Sean Terrence Best also apparently... uh, has his own religion too

    Yvette's Wedding Bridal also sells fish

    This is a page with pictures of all their dresses

    They do proms too!

    Here's a page called

    This page is a picture of cars and boats and drawings of aliens...

    If you head on over, make sure to sign the guestbook, DJ Chop did

    Lastly, here are three google ratings for Yvette's