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    This Guy's Kickstarter For Sassy-Looking "Period Underwear" Raised $100,000 In Five Days

    "Fun underwear that high-fives you for being a woman and serves as a warning to others!"

    This is Anthony Hall, and his company — Harebrained Inc. — is trying to raise money for menstruation-themed underwear called Period Panties. His Kickstarter to fund Period Panties has raked in $135,561 in two weeks.

    Hall writes in the Kickstarter's description, "Half the world menstruates, so why not have some fun with it?!"

    And in the video for the project, Hall explains that the idea came from a talk with his girlfriend about how she was sick of explaining to him that they couldn't have sex because it was her time of the month.

    Each item comes with a design on them, saying things like "Bloody Hell" or "Cunt Dracula."

    Musician and internet celebrity Amanda Palmer commented on Facebook about the Period Panties, saying they looked cool but are sort of confusing.

    The original goal for the Kickstart was $10,000, but the project raised 10 times that amount in just its first five days.

    Looking at the comments on the project, they're generally positive, though a few backers have expressed that some of the messages on the underwear might be a little gross.

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