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    This Guy Used An Adorable Children's Book To Ask His Childhood Pen Pal To Marry Him

    Rick and Chloe were pen pals as kids. After they finally met in 2011, Rick decided Chloe was the only girl for him.

    Almost 15 years ago, Rick and Chloe became pen pals. When Rick decided it was time to pop the question to Chloe he wanted to do something sweet that would also be a keepsake for Chloe's son, Evan.

    I wanted Evan to see that his family was special but also normal. Yoni put personal aspects in the book as well. When we turned one of the pages and Evan saw himself holding Buzz Lightyear, his favorite character, he lit up with joy.You see, Evan's not my biological son, but he's my whole world and I wanted to propose in a way that we could have a memento for Evan to cherish for years to come. He is too young to know that I am not his biological father so I thought this book would also be the perfect catalyst when the conversation of how our family came to be arises in a few years.

    And so the idea of Evan's parents as secret superheroes was born.

    Rick gave Chloe the super mommy power of X-ray vision.

    And he got the super strength to carry bags of groceries AND Evan at the same time.

    And at the end of the book Rick asked Evan and Chloe if they wanted to be one big super family together.

    So, true believers, how did Rick's proposal go?!

    It was a super big "yes'!

    Congratulations guys!

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