This Guy Traveled Over 700 Miles To Adopt An Adorable Two-Legged Dog

    "I am willing to offer Tito whatever he needs in order for him to live a full life,” said De Rosa.

    When Gustavo De Rosa, a 52-year-old animal lover from Argentina, heard about Tito, a dachshund who was born without his front legs, De Rosa decided to travel over 700 miles from Buenos Aires to Santiago del Estero to adopt him.

    Tito's owner had trouble finding a family for Tito because of his condition.

    But fortunately, De Rosa has already rescued 14 dogs and two cats, all with different medical problems.

    De Rosa also has a shelter which houses about 200 other animals. This is De Rosa hanging out with his dog Chucho — who is wearing a very cute life jacket.

    "Tito is a dog that needs a lot of attention," De Rosa told local news. "I thought about rescuing him and bringing him to Buenos Aires because there are two homes here designing prosthetic legs for him, and we have more specialized veterinarians willing to build a health plan that will help him thrive with just two legs."

    "The idea is to let him grow as normal as possible," De Rosa said.

    DeRosa has even written books on the subject. Which he read at a local speaking event in Santiago del Estero when he went to adopt Tito.

    When De Rosa arrived to pick up Tito after traveling hundreds of miles during the peak of Argentina's incredibly hot summer, there were even signs welcoming him as a hero.

    Tito was being looked after by the local Canichones Montecito shelter until De Rosa could pick him up.

    De Rosa said that traveling a long distance is not a problem when it comes to adopting an animal, especially if it means saving a pet in need. He also said that there are lots of people just like him willing to do whatever is necessary to help a pet.

    Here's an adorable photo of De Rosa finally with Tito. "I am willing to offer Tito whatever he needs in order for him to live a full life,” said De Rosa. “In my house, he will have everything."