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This Girl's Dr. Seuss Themed Body Art Is The Coolest Thing

OK, so this is totally awesome.

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Alexys Fleming is a makeup artist who did an incredible set of Dr. Seuss-themed body art pieces.

...Complete with prosthetic nose.

Her nail art is pretty great too.

Alexys told BuzzFeed that her Dr. Seuss project was actually done in memory of a friend who passed away.

She also loves the restorative and creative aspects of working with make-up and body paint.

"As I grew older, I also began to love that makeup could be used to make people feel beautiful. Although many use it to fit in to societies perception of beauty, there are many people out there who also suffer from scarring, bruising, or discoloration that they hide using makeup. Makeup can be used to restore injuries, or tragic events that happened. It helps heal the mind, as well as make someone feel beautiful (or scary) inside and out."

Alexys' Instagram is full of amazing projects and she has a YouTube channel with tutorials, as well.

Oh, and her Bane is too awesome to not include.