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Everyone's Freaking Out Over This Girl's Amazing "Sexy Gandalf" Costume

New personal hero.

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Tjitske Van Vark is an 18-year-old high school student from Melbourne, Australia. She recently dressed up in costume for her school's "Muck Up Day" — an Australian tradition where seniors dress up on their last day of school and pull pranks.

Her photos blew up instantly. "Within three days my follower count had more than tripled, I've received far too many wonderful messages," Van Vark told BuzzFeed.


In real life, though, she said most of the students at her school didn't really see the humor in it. "That might have been because most of them were very hungover from the previous night's parties at that point," she said.

"This costume actually only took me less than a week or so to make," she said. "I've been casually costuming for a while now. It was just a matter of working through the steps, finding motivation and hoping for the best!"