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    This Girl Coming Out Of Wisdom Teeth Surgery Is Devastated To Learn She Isn't A NASCAR Driver

    "I just won the world series of being the fastest NASCAR driver."

    This is Annie and as you can see she just got her wisdom teeth taken out.

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    Annie, however, is pretty convinced she just won the world series of NASCAR.

    Her mom tries to explain to Annie that she didn't just win the NASCAR world series, but actually just came out of surgery and Annie starts to cry. Wouldn't you?

    Her mom, realizing how upsetting it is to take a young girl's dream of being a racecar driver away from someone, quickly tells Annie that she is a NASCAR driver and that she's the best ever. Annie yells back "I know I am!"

    Annie, the aspiring NASCAR driver from the video, is from Tennesee and originally uploaded the video to Facebook a few weeks ago.

    It's since been shared over 70,000 times on Facebook alone.

    Follow your dreams Annie.

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