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This Dad Couldn't Find Good Marvel Toys For His Daughter So He Built His Own

Homemade beats store-bought any day.

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"I’ve never crafted anything like this or worked with foam before, so there was a lot of YouTube videos and trial and error from the very start," Lee told BuzzFeed Geeky.

"I never really noticed this until I had a daughter, but it has become apparent to me that there isn’t enough for them either in the comics medium or in the merchandised products," Lee said.

Lee and Sophia took the finished purse to Philadelphia's Comic Con this year. "When we go to Comic Con the number of female cosplayers rival the men every time," he said.

"Disney does a seems to strike a balance between female and male, leaning more toward the females as central characters, but superheroes are not on that list," he said.

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