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This Dad Couldn't Find Good Marvel Toys For His Daughter So He Built His Own

Homemade beats store-bought any day.

Brendan Lee's 5-year-old daughter, Sophia, is obsessed with the character Honey Lemon from Marvel's Big Hero 6.

Unfortunately, Marvel is currently having a huge problem putting out merchandise for girls.

So the New Jersey dad decided to build his own version of Honey Lemon's chem-ball purse.

"I’ve never crafted anything like this or worked with foam before, so there was a lot of YouTube videos and trial and error from the very start," Lee told BuzzFeed Geeky.

He said the design was the trickiest part.

The next step was hitting up local craft and hobby shops finding all the pieces he would need to pull it off.

"The actual crafting of it wasn’t really that bad," he said. "Foam is forgiving and cheap."

And yes, he did actually get it to light up.

More like "periodic table of badass," am I right?

"I never really noticed this until I had a daughter, but it has become apparent to me that there isn’t enough for them either in the comics medium or in the merchandised products," Lee said.

Lee and Sophia took the finished purse to Philadelphia's Comic Con this year. "When we go to Comic Con the number of female cosplayers rival the men every time," he said.

The hole on the left has a magnet in it that can hold Honey Lemon's signature "chem-ball." Lee said Sophia loves popping them out and striking a pose.

Here's the finished product:

"Disney does a seems to strike a balance between female and male, leaning more toward the females as central characters, but superheroes are not on that list," he said.

Lee said that Sophia has already asked to go as Go Go Tomago next year, the other female member of Big Hero 6.

So it looks like superpowered Rollerblades might be his next project.