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This Couple Met, Fell In Love, Started Dating, And Got Engaged, All On Instagram

Truly a modern love story.

Back in 2012, Elizabeth Wisdom posted this photo of Crater Lake in Oregon on her Instagram page.

Some guy named Denis Lafargue left a comment saying he had been there before. They started talking. Note: Elizabeth's winky face emoticon.

And thank goodness Denis left that comment, because it led to more comments back and forth between the two.

Of course, as everyone knows, sometimes you have to take things off Instagram. So Elizabeth offered him her phone number.

On Oct. 19, 2012, Elizabeth decided, what the heck, and flew out to New Orleans to meet Denis. Of course she snapped a sweet 'gram of it.

The two were pretty into each other.

So much so that they started dating. Denis took the photo this time...

And announced that Elizabeth was now his "instalady" (OK, that's kind of cute).

Nine months later, Denis took Elizabeth out to an old barn near her home in Texas. She always said she wanted to have her wedding there one day.

Waiting for her in the barn were Instagram photos hung up as an actual timeline.

And then, he popped the question.

Yesterday, I drove out and surprised Elizabeth by proposing to her out at her grandma's. She and her parents came out to have dinner with grandma like any other day, but when they pulled up there was a note from me telling Elizabeth to go to the back door. And at the back door I had set up a 30 picture timeline of me and Elizabeth's Instagram posts leading to the barn. It started with when we made our IG accounts, to when I followed her last summer, the posts where we started flirting, the post when I got her phone #, the process of us "talking", us skyping, her coming to New Orleans for the first time, our LumberJack photo shoot, Christmas, our birthdays, Valentines day, our trip to Austin, the beach, our families finally meeting last weekend, and everything in between! Meanwhile, I was waiting with my guitar in the barn. As she got into the barn, I played her a juicy, romantic song that I wrote for her. After many pauses and tears of joy, I finished the song, got on one knee and asked Elizabeth to marry me! It was so perfect out there. The sun was setting, and she looked so beautiful. So excited for our future together. // This is the note and the first 3 pictures in the timeline. I printed the photos out and pasted them onto paper that I soaked in coffee. Under each photo I wrote the date of the post, what it symbolized, and our comments. Then strung them up on string between bamboo shoots. // Also, Thank y'all so much for all the support as we have journeyed in our relationship thus far. This is an amazing community that I'm blessed to be a part of. And to read y'all's wonderful, encouraging comments is just so amazing.

These two Instagram-crazy kids are currently organizing their wedding.

But they made sure a few weeks ago to take a sweet pic for the one-year anniversary of Denis asking Elizabeth for her phone number.

Good luck, guys!