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Posted on Jan 8, 2014

This Awesome Timelapse Shows Exactly What 100 Days At The Gym Looks Like

For Lakeisha, 100 days equals four dress sizes.

Lakeisha Shurn, a 32-year-old from San Francisco, says she was depressed and in a rut. She weighed 315 lbs.

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She had already slimmed down considerably since last year, when she weighed 348 lbs.

But she was sick of feeling sorry for herself and decided to challenge herself to hit the gym every day for 100 days.

She wanted to boost her self-esteem and just generally feel better about her own body and life. The first days of her 100 day challenge weren't easy.

She chronicled the whole thing on, making videos each day and as she pushed through it, it got easier and easier. Plus she felt kept feeling better.

At the beginning of her grand experiment she was a size 26.

Now Lakeisha's down to a size 22 and dropped 18 pounds. According to her Facebook, staying healthy is what's most important to her and she's still exercising even though her 100 days are up.

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