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There's An Artist Who Drinks Colored Milk And Throws It Up All Over Canvases

Her name's Millie and she was in a Lady Gaga video once. WARNING: If you're made nauseous by other people's nausea, this contains graphic content.

This is artist Millie Brown and she's drinking colored milk.

She drinks all different kinds of colored milk.

And then she proceeds to puke it up everywhere.

Her special kind of art involves starving herself for two days (so that the milk doesn't mingle with anything else), then regurgitating the milk onto canvases she lays on the floor.

Millie's 27-years-old and she's been doing this since 2005.

Each of her sessions is improvised, letting the drip art come together on its own.

Kind of like Jackson Pollack, but with vomited milk.

She times out each performance so her body can recover and also so that the colors don't mix.

She started doing this kind of canvas art after becoming bored of other kinds of composition.

Here she is in a Lady Gaga video.

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And here she is making one of her splatterpieces.

And, finally, here she is throwing up all over herself.