There’s A Japanese College That Lets Students Wear Anything They Want To Graduation And It’s Amazing

This year’s graduation at Kanazawa College of Art basically looked like the lobby of Comic Con.

1. Last month, Kanazawa College of Art had their graduation ceremony and as you can see, it looked incredible.

3. Kanazawa College doesn’t have a dress code for the ceremony and over the years students have been upping the ante and turning the whole thing into an epic cosplay competition.

5. Like check out this dude’s gross meat costume.


— ƒeY (@nikata920)

7. Japanese culture blog, Rocket News, found a lot of these awesome photos that have been passed around heavily on Japanese social media.


— 00000ÿ (@nana_chan_dayo)


— fžÿ0000 (@nankakayui)

9. Here’s a pretty epic shot of all the students waiting to graduate.


— ƒeY (@nikata920)


— つーとむ@3/7soratobiwo鰆 (@twotom01)

11. The event is such a spectacle that local news vans show up and interview students about what they’re wearing.


— —000ÿ (@CrounMilk)


— つーとむ@3/7soratobiwo鰆 (@twotom01)

13. Like for instance, this cardboard Iron Man holding his own press conference.


— fžÿ0000 (@nankakayui)


— つーとむ@3/7soratobiwo鰆 (@twotom01)

15. Japan, please don’t ever change.

-Sincerely, the internet.

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