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    There Is A Kickstarter For A Bike That Plays Animated GIFs On Its Wheels

    Finally, you can take your favorite GIF with you anywhere.

    Monkeylectric is a company specializing in combining digital art with bike lights and they recently set-up a Kicktarter for a very, very cool idea.

    Animated GIF bikes!

    According to the company's Kickstarter, you can basically set-up an animated GIF playlist that plays on your tires.

    Use our web-based software to create a playlist with your own images and animations - or choose from our collection of custom artwork. Then send your playlist to the Monkey Light Pro with Bluetooth wireless.

    Mount the Monkey Light Pro to your bike wheel and take your message to the streets. Once you're rolling the display fills the bike wheel and is visible from both sides. The Monkey Light Pro is waterproof, durable and designed for use on city streets.

    Monkeylectric says they've field tested 100 bikes carrying the most recent prototype so far, and are hoping Kickstarter users will help them with manufacturing.

    Their Kickstarter has 54 days, but the 6-person company is already more than halfway to their goal of $180,000.