The Incredible Story Of A Woman’s Final Months Fighting Brain Cancer As Told Through Her Tweets

Sometimes your dumb day-to-day tweets can add up in a really beautiful picture. Update: Many have called into question whether or not Amanda is real, though no answers about her existence have emerged.

1. According to her Twitter account, Amanda passed away in April. Shannon McKarney, a digital consultant from Toronto, discovered the account and decided to put together this video.

2. McKarney said Amanda’s story stuck with her for months. She was fascinated by how Amanda left behind a Twitter account that was much more than just a Twitter account, but a reflection of her.

4. “I admired the way she had taken on this challenge she faced, she was diagnosed with this terminal illness and she said ‘OK, I’m going to run with it,’” Shannon told BuzzFeed. “So she left her phone on the table and she had adventures.”

6. Shannon said she was nervous about how people would react to her video, but people were genuinely touched by it. She’s currently trying to find more information on Amanda and has asked people who knew her to send details.

Tomorrow, I go back into the hospital for the last time. Thank you all for the good vibes. Be good to each other. #quietlastnight

— Amanda (@TrappedAtMyDesk)

My dear little sister Amanda passed away from brain cancer late last night. -James

— Amanda (@TrappedAtMyDesk)

(h/t Jezebel)

9. UPDATE: Jennifer Mendelsohn has written a very extensive Medium post calling into question many of the—and inconsistencies—around Amanda’s Twitter account:

It is remotely possible—and heartbreaking—that Amanda did live and die of a brain tumor exactly as documented on Twitter and memorialized in the video, which is precisely why the story seems to have evoked such a visceral and empathetic response. But it seems more plausible that Amanda’s cancer story was invented or embellished, just like so many before it. It’s hard to know how much of the pre-cancer feed is a reflection of the real life of whoever was tweeting unless that person reveals himself or herself. As the New Yorker cartoon says, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”

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