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    The Heartwarming Story Of How A Comedy Group Helped A Homeless Man Finally Get Home

    Jaroslav came to America from the Czech Republic in search of work when he was robbed and left stranded. Now he's finally going back home to his family.

    This incredible video comes from Whatever, a YouTube street comedy group.

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    They had teamed up with The Thread Society to give out sweaters to the homeless.

    That's when they met Jaroslav, a man from the Czech Republic living on the streets of New York City after all of his belongings were stolen.

    The guys at Whatever decided that they were going to help Jaroslav however they could.

    First, they got him some pizza.

    Then a haircut and a shave.

    Looking sharp Jaroslav!

    Then the members of Whatever put Jaroslav up in a hotel while they decided what to do next.

    They pooled their money together and got a ticket for Jaroslav back to the Czech Republic!

    He told them that he had come to America in search of work with $1,000 but it was stolen while he fell asleep charging his cell phone in a bus station. All he wanted was to go home and see his son and daughter.

    The Whatever team brought Jaroslav to JFK Airport and gave him his ticket home and $100 for food.

    Good luck, Jaroslav!

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