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Taco Bell Is Starting A Breakfast Menu And It Includes The Legendary Waffle Taco

We made it, guys.

This is a waffle taco.

It comes with either sausage or bacon and you can cover it in syrup. Look at it.

It's part of the Taco Bell breakfast menu that's currently being offered at more than 5,500 Taco Bells all over the country.

The waffle taco — and the rest of the Taco Bell breakfast menu — was originally only a myth, whispered about on dark parts of the internet, but now it is a reality.

Also on the menu is a breakfast burrito, Cinnabon® Delights™, hash browns...

...and a thing called the A.M. Crunchwrap.

Finally, we can now eat every single meal of the day at Taco Bell.