Taco Bell’s New Taco Has A Dirty Little Secret

The secret is, it’s not a f*cking taco. But…is there more to this mystery?

1. If you read the internet you might know that Taco Bell is testing a new menu item called a WAFFLE TACO.

It’s being tested in at least one Southern California Taco Bell as discovered by Instagram user @sarah1ch5, who photographed it more than a month ago. Once mainstream media outlets caught wind last week, word spread fast.

2. BuzzFeed Food sent me to taste test this latest creation with a very skilled* research team.


3. And we realized something important: It’s a folded waffle. Not a taco. A folded waffle.

Specifically, it’s a waffle folded around a sausage patty, eggs, and served with a packet of maple syrup.

4. Is Taco Bell suggesting that ANYTHING can be a taco??!!

5. Like a large cheese pizza topped with burgers, tacos, and chicken nuggets!

6. Or a sundae hand taco, where your hand is the legit shell.

7. We ask you to help us test this theory. Go forth and make everything in your life a taco. Thank you.

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