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    So You Want To Be A Santacon Santa...

    Do you have what it takes to be constantly drunk in a Santa suit for 16 hours? Well, do you?!

    Wake up, get on the train, head to the city, do 6 shots of 151 and drink 10 beers.

    Get to the city and get your bearings, figure out a game plan.

    Remember to have fun, this is Santacon, the best day of the year.

    But don't forget, Christmas is a religious celebration and there's definitely a serious side to it.

    Alright, let's party

    Okay, you might have partied a little too hard.

    And we're back, load up on beers and let's get going, we have a lot to do.

    We need to find other Santas, ASAP.

    Parks, street corners, and sidewalks are the best places to congregate.

    Really anywhere that people might try to get around you but are unable to do so. Remember, you're Santa, people should move for you.

    This is your city today.

    Also, don't forget, Santacon can be a romantic celebration, as well.

    Alright, enough of this walking around nonsense, let's get to the bar.

    Now that we're at the bar, the key is to drink as much alcohol and take up as much space as you can.

    Remember if a bar doesn't have beer pong inside the bar then it's not a bar that's worth going to.

    Take the bar, the bar is yours, you are the Christmas King of Santacon!

    This is the greatest day of the year!

    And if the bar you're at offers a very expensive way to do shots, you better believe you'll do it.

    Alright, get your crew and dance.

    ♫ "We fooounnddd loovveee in a hopelessss plaaacceeeee" ♫

    This bar is killing it with the house music right now.

    Don't be afraid to just straight up chill, though.

    Oh shit, it's 2 AM, evacuate the bar! Go, go, go!

    We gotta make the last train home.

    But if you have some time, take like 20 or 30 group shots of you and your crew.

    Alright, you made it. You did it. You totally rocked the hell out of this year's Santacon.

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