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#SelloTapeSelfies Is A Hilarious New Meme That Involves You Wrapping Your Face In Tape Like A Moron

Never change, internet.

This is a #SelloTapeSelfie, and it's exactly what it looks like.

@Sellotapeselfe if only for the ear rings #sellotapeselfie

Twitter needs to see my #sellotapeselfie

Step 1: You get some tape — Sellotape, which is a British type of cellophane tape, if you're a purist.

#sellotapeselfie @Dayvesbird @calcrutchlow @Kath_Hayden @texastornado5 @jbmtat66 my gorgeous wife xx

Step 2: Wrap the tape around your head.

Step 3: Think about the choices you've made in your life.

This is why aliens won't talk to us #selfie #sellotapeselfie

Some people have started using the trending hashtag for more noble pursuits.

#SellotapeSelfie Don't forget to text BEAT to 70099 to donate your ਲ਼ to Cancer Research

A wee twist on the breast cancer awareness trend by our model Rebecca ... #SellotapeSelfie

This woman used Scotch tape, which seems like cheating if you ask me.

Taking one for the team, demonstrating #sellotapeselfie ,@MariaSansone or is it an audtion for #Silenceoftheham

How to use a lunchtime wisely #sellotapeselfie

This guy got really into it.

So now you know, #SelloTapeSelfies, hot new meme and perfect activity for friends.

don't trust these two alone. #sellotapeselfie

#SellotapeSelfie has to be one of the funniest things ive ever seen

Just know that it's probably a lot more fun to put on than it is to cut off later.