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Pope Benedict XVI: A Papacy In Memes

No matter who becomes the next pope, one thing is clear — people will ABSOLUTELY be making fun of him on the internet.

Right away people noticed Pope Benedict looked like someone...

The resemblance was uncanny.


So the pope looked a little evil. So what?!

He was a pretty cool dude.

(Note: This is not a Photoshop, he is actually rocking a sombrero.)

He traveled in style.

And he loved animals.

And animals loved him!

Yeah, he had some funky ideas.

But he understood the needs of young Catholics.

And knew how to get down.

He even had a Twitter!

And a pretty sweet Myspace playlist back in the day.

It looked like he was going to bring the Catholic Church in the 21st century.

But being the pope is a tough job.

Who could blame him for resigning?

So long Pope Benedict!

And good luck!

Now there's already some speculation on who's taking over.

But if you ask me, there's only one choice.

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