This Guy Suggested His Wife Make A Rap Video For The Fourth Of July And The Results Are Amazing

Could this be the summer jam we've all been waiting for?

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Karla Solarte's husband David suggested that she put together a super goofy music video about the Fourth of July. And this is what she came up…

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Love the Fourth of July, Love the Fourth of July, I do it up big on the Fourth of July.Love the Fourth of July,Love the Fourth of July, The neighborhood grilling, chillin outside.
Can you feel it? It's that summer gloryWhen I get to celebrate USA's storyPark turnt up and day's just startinI brought a picnic, this cheese is Havarti.It's a holiday, our nation's birthday.Red white and blue all over the place.
It's so hot I can't believe it.An ice cold drink you're gonna need it.But I'm fresh, I'm looking real mean,Blockin UV SPF 15.Paper plates with patriotic doodles,Wave a tiny flag from my pool noodle.

But the best part? The video started to pick up steam online and Karla didn't even know it.

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