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Japanese Singer Shaves Her Head To Apologize For Having A Boyfriend

Minami Minegishi, a 20-year-old member of the Japanese girl group AKB48, released a YouTube apology to her fans over the weekend for the crime of dating someone.

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Minegishi, a founding member of the group, reveals in the above video that she's shaved her head, which, according to the BBC voiceover, is a somewhat traditional Japanese act of contrition. She tells the camera:

"I was supposed to set an example for younger members, but my actions were extremely careless and senseless… My mind has gone completely blank. I don't know what I can do or what I should do, but I couldn't bear to do nothing… Everything I did is entirely my fault. I am so sorry…"


They've sold 20 million CDs and hold the record for most amount of singles sold by a female group in Japan.

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The group has been criticized for sexualizing young women, with music videos involving members hugging and taking baths together, which some have accused of being possible child pornography.