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If You Like Pop Punk And Aren't Listening To The Wonder Years, You're Seriously Missing Out

Get stoked on it.

This is The Wonder Years.

They're a pop punk band from Philadelphia, and they've been playing for a while (the pigeon is their mascot).

His name is Hank. He's a metaphor.

Their fans like to call the band "realist" pop punk.

Which means they're less like Pete Wentz and Panic! at the Disco dressed up as vampires or whatever.

And more like the mopey and fun late-'90s pop punk that came before it.

This is their lead singer: He goes by Soupy. His real name is Dan.

He's got a lot of feelings.

Wonder Years fans are pretty emotional too. Which isn't a bad thing to be.

Chances are if you see cardboard on your Tumblr dashboard, it's probably got Wonder Years lyrics on it.

See what I mean?

It's sort of a thing!

Also, their fan art is pretty rad too.

There's new video out today for "There, There," which comes off The Wonder Years' most recent album, The Greatest Generation. It's a pretty good jumping off point.

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But if you're wondering what they sound like live, here's a recording of them playing their song "Local Man Ruins Everything," which is also great.

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See you in the pit!