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    Posted on Dec 13, 2012

    How To Take The Perfect Mirror Shot

    Follow this simple guide and never take a bad bathroom selfie again.

    OK, first of all, put a shirt on.

    And DO NOT use an iPad.

    And definitely make sure your YOLO tattoo doesn't photograph backwards (or maybe just don't have a YOLO tattoo).

    And maybe don't get a tattoo of yourself doing a mirror shot.

    Now, before you start make sure no one else is in the room.

    Unless it's a group shot!

    Or you could use your twin (if you have a twin, not everyone is a twin).

    Maybe don't use your cat.

    And don't be afraid to think outside the box.

    Nice use of potato chips.

    Ew, no, wrong. Stop.

    OK, this has gotten really off track.


    Maybe don't use your laptop...

    And if you're trying to be sexy put the kids away.

    And if you use photoshop to do touch up, photoshop both arms.

    And while it always helps to be Stanley Kubrick, that's not really an option for most people.

    All these rules are kind of confusing and stressful. If only there was another way...

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