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17 Kids On Vine Who Are Definitely Grounded For The Rest Of Their Lives

Vine is not a safe place for parents.

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1. This kid with his axe.

2. This kid who got a little too amped up about the big game.

3. This guy and his bucket of water.

4. This kid with an insane potty mouth.

5. ...Who went and did it again.

6. This kid who reaaalllyyyy shouldn't have told his mom to shut up.

7. This girl who wouldn't cut it out with all the vining.

8. This kid who couldn't hold his phone straight.

9. This kid who woke up his dad from a very good looking nap.

10. This kid who actually made his mom pee her pants.

11. This kid who kept turning the stereo up.

12. This kid who scared the heck out of his mom.

13. This kid who pushed his mom just way too far.

14. This kid who just made the worst mistake of his whole life.

15. This kid who picked the worst time for a #smackcam

16. This kid who shouldn't be anywhere near a pool.

17. And this girl and her terrifying friend.

But that doesn't mean parents can't get them back though.

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