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    Here's Why We Might Want To Stop Using The Word "Bae"

    It might not mean what you think!

    When you hear the word "bae," does it make your skin crawl? Well, you're not alone!

    Tell me i'm not the only person who despises the word "bae"

    Seriously hope I'm not the only one who don't use the word "bae". Y'all sound ridiculous stahp

    I don't think it's possible for me to express how much I hate the word bae

    I deadass hate the word Bae, and not because I dont have just sounds weird to me and lazy

    It turns out there's a really good reason to retire the word once and for all. "Bae" is actually the Danish word for "poop, crap, feces."

    And a whooooole bunch of people just found out about it.

    So apparently "bae" means poop in Danish 😂

    bæ means poop omg ffs i called harry that what omg

    Idk if u guys noticed but the world u've been calling each other 'bae' means poop AHAHAHAHHA OMG

    @omgitsjenx3 I feel ya babe I feel ya..... ugh > < omg ever since I know bae means poop, it tainted me... :( I loved the word :(

    The fact that "bae" literally means "shit" in Dutch 👏👌😂

    Spread the word! Friends don't let friends say "bae."