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Here's Everything You Can Get At Taco Bell In India That Americans Are Missing Out On

Tikka masala burrito. I repeat, they have a tikka masala burrito.

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The first Taco Bells opened in India only a few years ago, but they've proved to be pretty popular.

Most of the sodas at Taco Bell India are the same, except for an orange soda called Mirinda.

Ryan Broderick / BuzzFeed

So what's it taste like? Orange Crush, basically. It's really sweet, but not awful. It's no Mountain Dew Baja Blast, but pretty good nonetheless.


The sauces look the same, but didn't taste exactly identical.

Ryan Broderick / BuzzFeed

So what do they taste like? The sauce at Taco Bell India is similar, but I didn't see any "fire" or "diablo" sauce. Also, the "hot" sauce they offer is definitely spicier than the "hot" sauce in America.

You're not going to find a basic hard-shell beef taco at an Indian Taco Bell.

So what's it taste like? I got the "chipotle chicken" hard-shell taco. A couple things I noticed right away: The lettuce was less gross, the shell was better, and the chicken was actually a lot better. All in all, definitely superior to its American cousin.

Did it give me diarrhea? Nope!

These are called "cheesy fiesta potatoes" and they are great.

So what do they taste like? They're Tater Tots covered in spicy cheese and jalapeños. If they aren't cold, they taste pretty damn great.

Did they give me diarrhea? Nope!

The nachos are super popular.

So what do they taste like? Nachos! But the chicken they come with is really good, and the other toppings they come with are a little different than their U.S. equivalents. Not great, but definitely different.

Did it give me diarrhea? Nope!


America doesn't have this bad boy at all — it's called a "Kathitto."

So what's it taste like? Taco Bell's menu describes it as "craveable Mexican fillings and signature sauces loaded in a sinful dhakai parantha." What that means IRL is that you get a burrito wrapped in a local kind of flaky fried bread. Which you wouldn't think changes the game all that much, but it's actually really great.

Did it give me diarrhea? Nope!

While everything on the menu is kind of funky, this right here is the pinnacle of Indian Taco Bell: the tikka masala burrito.

So what's it taste like? Perfection and also exactly what it sounds like. A Taco Bell burrito stuffed with tikka masala. It goes really well with the hot sauce and honestly, it tastes like the future. This is some 21st-century global village excellence right here.

Did it give me diarrhea? Shockingly, no.