This Is The Best Music Video About PMS You've Ever Seen

    Have you ever wanted to punch PMS right in the face?

    K-Pop star Lizzy teamed up with a Korean comedian named Park Myeong-Su for a song called "(Good Bye) PMS" and the music video for it is totally bonkers.

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    In the video, Myeong-Su plays like some kind of premenstrual syndrome devil.

    Who shows up and ruins Lizzy's life.

    Making her eat a bunch...

    Causing breakouts...

    Giving her migraines...

    ...And just generally being a huge pain.

    Then, at one point, he gets like Godzilla-size big and starts attacking the whole city.

    Giving PMS to everyone in the city. Even this dog.

    That is, until Lizzy takes some medicine and gets super huge, as well.

    Then she punches the crap out of PMS.

    She defeats him...

    ...And then they do a fun dance together.

    Basically, it's the perfect music video.