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    Posted on Jan 7, 2013

    Giant Squid Filmed For The First Time Off The Coast Of Japan

    Scientists filmed the massive creature swimming in its natural habitat in July.

    The giant squid was spotted by Japanese scientists 15 kilometers east of Chichi island in the north Pacific.

    The three-man crew had logged 400 total hours in their submarine before they came upon the massive squid, which they were able to track for 9 miles.

    Museum researcher Tsunemi Kubodera described it as "shining and beautiful."

    Here's some unfortunately blurry footage of it taken from Japanese television.

    The giant squid eats other squid and can grow up to 10 meters, or 32 feet. It lives at a depth that makes it extremely hard to observe.

    Footage taken by the team will be used in a documentary that's set to be released by the Discovery Channel later this month.

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