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    The "In Me Mum's Car" Vine Has Officially Become The Hottest Meme Of The Summer

    Welcome to the summer of broom broom.

    It's been a little over a week since British teenager Tish Simmonds appeared on Vine.

    And, basically, everyone's lost their damn minds.

    They're putting her into movies.

    They've turned her into a card for Valentine's Day.

    There's one for her mom, too.

    There are Photoshops.

    She's become an icon.

    There are inspirational posters.

    She's become a true celebrity.

    Even the president heard about her.

    (NOTE: The president did not actually tweet about "Get Out Me Car" girl.)

    Simmonds has also collaborated with a ton of big-time pop stars, like Nicki Minaj, One Direction, and Taylor Swift.

    She's all over the map.

    But it makes sense that she's everywhere. Her Vine had so much depth to it.

    And now she's pretty much unstoppable.

    All hail Tish Simmonds, queen of the internet!

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