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Every Really Tense And Awkward Moment From Kanye West's Appearance On "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

Man, what an interview.

1. So it started a LITTLE awkwardly. Jimmy talked about Kanye's tweets in the monologue.

2. He also mentioned his rapping dictionary.

3. And then Kanye West came out and they shook hands and hugged kind of.

4. And it got a little awkward when Kanye West walked over to the couch.

5. When Kanye West politely laughed when Jimmy Kimmel asked him who he was wearing.


7. When Jimmy Kimmel asked Kanye West about his gold grills and Kanye West corrected him saying he's had them for three years.

8. When Jimmy Kimmel played a clip from the original sketch.

9. When Kanye West kind of sort of apologized for his tweets.

10. When Jimmy Kimmel told Kanye West people think he's a jerk.

11. And then Kanye West did this.

12. When Jimmy Kimmel showed this photo of Kanye West hanging out with Jimmy's dad.

13. When Kanye West mentioned the fact he thought he was genius.


15. When Kanye West broke the fourth wall.

16. When Jimmy Kimmel made Kanye West watch ANOTHER sketch making fun of him.

17. When Jimmy Kimmel gave Kanye West baby leather jogging pants for North West.

18. And when Kanye West made a very, very passionate pointed comment about where he comes from and how he views the future.

19. And then lastly, this handshake.