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    23 Vines That Prove Japanese Teenagers Are Way Funnier Than Americans

    It turns out six-second video is an international language.

    1. "When you oversleep: College students vs. working adults."

    2. This girl sneezing like a Disney princess.

    "Cute girl."

    "Old guy."

    "Disney princess: Oh, hi there!"

    3. This kid's Steve Jobs impression.

    4. This girl taking a selfie.

    "I’ll take a selfie… selfie"

    "Huh? Huh?"

    5. These guys pointing at a head of lettuce.

    6. "Shopping at the vending machine."

    7. These guys dancing on the stairs.

    8. "When a cutie drops something."

    Girl at the end: "Gross."

    9. This kid falling asleep at his desk.

    10. "The way that working adults walk: When going to work vs. on the way back."

    11. This kid trying to sing Whitney Houston.

    12. This classroom full of kids messing with their teacher.

    13. "Best friends."

    14. The Gamecube who wished he could become human.

    Gamecube: "Ahh, I wish I could become human…"

    God: "I’ll grant that wish for you."

    Gamecube: "Huh!?"

    Gamecube: "Hu-huhhh!?!"

    15. This girl making popping noises with her mouth.

    16. These guys reenacting a scene from Titanic.

    17. "Me when there’s a hot guy in the seat behind me."

    18. This one you might need to watch a few times.

    "I’ve reached 1000 followers! Thank you everyone! I’m really happy that you’ve been watching all this time! It seems like a dream to me even now~ lol From now I’d like to keep making up jokes and working hard to spend fun days together!"

    19. "How to deal with annoying guys."

    "Oh yeah, there’s something I need to talk to you about. Hey hey hey hey hey. Kaito."

    20. This very scary cat.

    21. This girl trying to sing a song from Frozen.

    22. And this guy trying to sing a song from Frozen.

    23. And whatever this is.

    (H/T and translations courtesy of JPN Vines)